One January morning several years ago,
I looked out of my window, a dense fog was hanging low.
The Radio told us it was the same throughout the state
That it would be noontime before it would abate.

So at noon I looked out once more and the sight to greet my eyes
Was a vision of God’s handiwork, the world seemed glorified.
Everything was clothed in a gown of frosty lace,
That turned a barren landscape into a Heavenly, Holy place.

I was so amazed at it’s beauty it set my emotions all agog,
I found myself whispering “The Glory that Followed the Fog”.
I saw in this artistic masterpiece a symbol of God’s powers,
That he alone held the cure for this war sick world of ours.

If we would only place in Him our Faith, Hope and Trust,
He would lift the fog and glorify this wretched world for us.
Then I breathed this little prayer,
“Oh Dear God I feel you are very near as I gaze on the work of they mighty hand.
Show us the way Oh Lord and help us to understand
How we can make this a better world when the war clouds roll away
Help us to glorify it for you Oh Lord as you did for us today”.

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