A biologist watched a tiny ant pull a straw many times its size,
And marveled at the strength and ingenuity that tiny body supplies.
Soon the ant reached a wide deep crack in the road,
And as though to ponder his problem for awhile, set down his heavy load
Then carefully maneuvered the straw until it bridged the crack,
Walked safely across it and pulled its burden back.

I think there is a message there for each and every one,
We all have burdens now and then, they are bound to come –
In every life at some time we are called on to carry a cross,
Our entire future may depend on how we face the loss.

If we will ponder our problem for awhile and breathe a little prayer,
I’m sure God will show us the way to lift our load of care,
Then we too will be able to bridge the gap over our valley of sorrow,
That will lead us safely across to a brighter tomorrow.

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