I love the town where I was born and spend my childhood days –
And when I’m away and all alone, my memory back there strays.
Although I’ve traveled far and wide, across the ocean flown,
I’m happy when I get inside the town I call my home.

The kinfolk are there to meet me with a handclasp good and strong –
They seem so glad to see me, say they’ve missed me while I’m gone.
It sorta makes you feel as though there’s where you’d like to stay
And settle down with folks that real, and never go away.

Oh, I climbed the heights of mountains with their caps of glistening snow
I’ve seen the gorgeous canyons, with the valleys down below –
I’ve crossed the blue grass country, been in the land of flowers,
But none compare in beauty to those glorious hills of ours.

Oh there’s something ’bout the hometown that sorta gets into your heart
Like a long lost friend you’ve found, from whom you never want to part.
Although I’ve gone the world around, somehow the only time I’m happy,
Is when I’m on the train that’s homeward bound for Dear Old Cincinnati.

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