Gosh! Oh gee, we are all sad and blue,
‘Cause old scarlet fever got hold of you.
He’s a mean old guy, paints you all red,
Gives you a sore throat, and a pain in the head.

And then sticks a sign outside your door –
So none of your friends come around anymore.
I think that’s as mean as a fellow could be –
And hope he never gets a hold of me.

I heard the best way to get rid of him quick,
Is to be a good child all the while you are sick.
Take all the pills, old Doctor says you must –
Then that guy Scarlet Fever, will leave in disgust.

All jokes aside, Dear, it really is true,
The gang down at school is sure missing you.
And we’re hoping and praying before very long,
You’ll be back at your desk, healthy and strong.

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