It goes without question, I’ve gathered some impressions,
As I traveled across this grand and glorious land –
The most amazing thing to me, is how fair God tried to be,
As He scattered blessings o’er His master plan.

California’s climate is supreme, but I missed Ohio’s green,
To which I feel there is nothing can compare.
Her rolling hills, her level plains, her fields filled with golden grain
Hold more beauty than I’ve seen anywhere.

In California, I found, lovely flowers blooming all year round –
I’ll admit this is a very beautiful thing –
But I like the changing seasons, and most important of the reason
Is here we know the glory of the autumn and the spring.

When the world seems born anew and the flowers come peeping thru
And the sweet scent of blossoms and lilacs fill the air.
To awake each day at dawning, with the birds saying “good morning”,
‘Tis then I feel that God is everywhere.

You will often hear folks say, “It’s God’s country out my way”,
And I’d be the first to say that isn’t true –
It is the individual choice, where we hear and feel His voice,
That makes the beauty of that spot come shining through.

God has blessed us all, cities, nations, great or small,
And I think He tried to divide it all in equal share.
So it is up to you and me, to choose where we want to be –
And then, thank God for the blessings He put there.

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