Well I am back in beautiful Ohio and dear old Cincinnati.
Want to tell you about my plane ride that made me very happy –
The earth is God’s Mosaic Masterpiece, when viewed from the sky
If it happens to be a clear day, when you decide to fly.

Going, I flew above the clouds, a perfectly magnificent sight,
‘Twas like taking a sleigh ride over snow of glistening white.
Occasionally there’d be a clear spot, and the earth I could see,
It looked like a patch work quilt embroidered in black, to me.

I kept wondering what the patterns of black embroidery could be –
As we came down over St. Louis, I found it was made by trees.
Saw a gorgeous sunset, then came down over Los Angeles at night –
It looked like a big Coney Island, ablaze with a million lights.

I came back in the daytime on a very lovely clear day;
I could see the earth from the sky every mile of the way.
Flew over the Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert, too –
Every minute of that ride home presented a gorgeous view.

After the rocky, dry country, we were over a land that’s green,
And again the black embroidery could plainly be seen.
As we came down over Ohio, I saw the glory of fall unfold,
It looked like a painting, with colors of green, red and gold.

My trip across this beautiful land in an American Airlines Jet,
Filled me with thrilling memories, I shall never forget.
The earth is truly God’s Mosaic Masterpiece, when viewed from the sky,
I could not describe all its splendor, no matter how I tried.

As I gazed on all this scenic beauty created by God’s hand,
I wondered how there could be so much turmoil created by man.
Let’s pray that God will help us and show our leaders the way,
To keep our blessed land as beautiful as it is today.

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